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In Reporting Services (SSRS) you can add an action to (almost) everything you see.
This alows you to create drilltrough, drilldown/up, links to definitions or help files, links to other views of the same data ...

It enables you to create very dynamic reports (fe. But there's one (big) limitation, every report item can have only one action associated with it. There is no support for popup menu's that lets the user choose.
For example: you report the sales by month, when a user click's on a number you want to give the choice to view the data: "by business unit", "by region", "top 10 point of sales", "top 100 clients", "definition of this metric".

With the enclosed code this is made possible. It let's you attach a popup menu to any clickable-object.
The menu is created dynamically so that you can use the complete context (f.e. row and column values of the tablix-cell that was clicked) to determine which menu-items you want to show and what is going to happen when they are clicked.

In the source code section you will find the code.
In the documentation section you will find:
The code was developed for IE, I haven't tested it in other browsers.

Some examples

Add popup menus to your reports:
with submenus:
and notes:
Use them to add comments, links to URL's or other reports. Everything that has an action attribute can display a note and/or menu.

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